An app update is now available on the Apple App Store that resolves this issue.


We have identified an issue impacting some users running iOS version 13.1 related to taking and attaching photos directly from the EHS Insight application

Depending how privacy settings are configured, use of the "Take Photo" button in EHS Insight can result in a corrupt (empty) photo being attached to the form. Taking photos in the Camera app and then using the "Add Attachment" button in EHS Insight does not have this issue and can be used as a temporary workaround.

Users editing forms online will see an error immediately after taking the photo, but users working offline will not see an error until their next Sync. For those users, the only way to successfully sync is to open the offending form from their Outbox and remove/replace the corrupt photo. EHS Insight saves all photos taken in the EHS Insight app to your device's Photo Library (if you have granted that app permission) so the previously taken photo is not lost completely and can be re-attached manually.

The issue is caused by an underlying iOS 13 bug and is currently impacting many apps, not just EHS Insight. There is a code-level workaround that we have implemented, are currently testing, and hope to ship to the Apple App Store this weekend or early next week.

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